Welcome to my public journal. In this space you will find my honest thoughts on healing, spirituality, parenting, and relationships- with a few ramblings sprinkled in about humanity’s evolution and our existence.

As someone who sought out security from certain answers, I understand when aspects of life shift outside of our control, the fear of the unknown can feel threatening. Whether you are on a journey of healing, faith deconstruction, processing through a dark night of the soul or just overwhelmed with the constantly changing aspects of life you, your doubts and questions are welcome. I hope this space provides solace and reassurance that you are not alone- and uncertainty is okay.

As I find ways to share my self, I look forward to getting to know you all too. Please feel free to connect through here.

Posts of Interest

  • There Is No Holiness Without Wholeness
    I recently watched a video of a progressive Christian singing a silly song apologizing to other Christians for her occasional cursing. I was unaware what I was seeing was a reaction video, so at the end of it, another Christian blasted her for leading others into temptation and tarnishing the …

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  • Evolving Faith
    What does faith look like? The fundamentalist will tell you it’s when you place every ounce of faith in the saving power of **insert religious godhead** to the point any perceived risk of being wrong is destroyed. The only downside is living with the fear of every conflicting belief or …

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  • Fear of Exposure
    I was recently hiking in Acadia National Park when I stumbled across a rocky cliffside with enormous signs of life and growth. Scanning the different plants which found their home in such a complex environment, my eyes widened on a tree that was halfway grounded in rock, halfway suspended in …

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